Abnormal Load

When it comes to heavy haulage and logistics, every job really is different, and at DUKE Distribution, we understand this.

As a company that specialises in heavy haulage logistics and has many years of experience within the haulage industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help ensure that no matter what you are looking to transport, and no matter where it is going, we can offer the best solution. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles, including flatbeds, low loaders and curtain siders which can be used to transport a wide and highly diverse range of goods all over the UK and Europe. We specialise in the transportation of abnormal loads, sometimes referred to as oversized loads.

What is classed as an abnormal load?
An abnormal load is categorised by the government as something that weighs over 44,000kg, has an axle load of over 10,000kg in the case of a single non-driving axle or 11,500kg for a single driving axle, is over 2.9 metres in width or has a rigid length that is over 18.65 metres. These figures apply to loads being transported within the UK, however other measurements and weights can apply in other countries. At DUKE Distribution, our team are experts when it comes to understanding the complexities regarding abnormal loads and will do everything necessary in order to ensure that any loads we transport for our clients meet the appropriate regulations regardless of the country they might be being transported in.

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Vehicles for any loads

Due to their weight, dimensions or both, an abnormal load must not be carried on a traditional goods vehicle such as a flatbed transporter and needs to be transported on a vehicle that has been specially designed to deal with this type of load.
Abnormal loads include examples such as mobile homes, wind turbines, fertiliser tanks, power station transformers and even some forms of heavy plant machinery that are best transported to its destination rather than driven there. Our drivers have years of experience working with a wide range of different loads, including abnormal loads, and are well versed in all of the complexities that this type of load can mean. They understand the importance of the safety issues that are involved with transporting these types of loads and also the safety issues they might encounter at a delivery site where safety is of paramount concern.

If you would like to discuss your project, then please do not hesitate to contact us, and one of our helpful team will be happy to take all the relevant details in order to help you find the right transportation tailored to your exact requirements.

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If you are looking for a company to assist you with the transportation of your abnormal load, then you can be assured that at DUKE Distribution, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you the service that you need.


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