Heavy Transportation

When it comes to heavy haulage and logistics, you need a company that understands the rules and regulations that are in place within the industry.

At DUKE Distribution, we believe in going that extra mile for our customers; the safety of our staff and yours is of paramount importance, which is why all of our drivers, and staff, are fully conversant with the necessary regulations governing heavy transportation both in the UK and Europe.

We are a family-run company with many years of experience within the haulage industry and understand all of the complexities that can occur when it comes to heavy transportation. Our comprehensive fleet of vehicles offers a solution for every type of load. No matter what it is that you need to move, we can assist you.

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What is heavy haulage?

The term heavy haulage is usually applied to heavy loads that are oversized and cannot be broken down, such as a large shipment of heavy goods in crates that can be split, in order to fit the item on a flatbed, curtain sider or low loader for transportation. Heavy loads might include things like pieces of machinery that need to be moved from a manufacturing facility to the company they were built for. These loads need specialist handling at every step of the way.

They need to be loaded and secured properly onto a specialist vehicle before being transported carefully to their destination. On arrival, the same care and attention must be taken to unload them to ensure the safety of any individuals who are around. These are not normal loads and not something that a company may be asked to move on a regular basis. When it comes to selecting a company to assist you with your heavy haulage, it is very important to ensure that the haulage company you are looking at has the knowledge, skills and experience to undertake your haulage needs in a secure and safe manner.

Specialists in heavy haulage

When you use the services of a company that specialises in heavy haulage, you are not just ensuring that you have the most appropriate vehicle for the job, you are also making sure that you have the services of highly trained individuals who have also been trained to deal with the loading and unloading of these types of loads as well. You are also ensuring that in the case of loads that exceed a certain weight, the relevant authorities are alerted to the movement of this load with the appropriate amount of notice as required by law.

Need help with Heavy Haulage?

Whether you are making preliminary enquiries or have a heavy load that needs to be moved give the friendly and experienced team at DUKE Distribution a call today and let us talk you through the details of your project in order to help you navigate all of the rules and regulations that are in place for the movement of heavy loads.


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