Low Loader Transportation

At DUKE Distribution, we understand that no two jobs are ever the same and that loads can really vary even when they contain similar items.

This is why our extensive fleet of vehicles includes low-loader transportation vehicles as well as flatbeds. We specialise in heavy haulage logistics and cover the UK and Europe with a range of vehicles available to suit every need and, of course, every load.

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As a family-run company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the future, whether this is through our participation in the government’s scheme for hiring employed individuals and training them as drivers or through the use of vehicles with lower emission rates which help work towards a more sustainable future. This is why you can be assured of a quality of service and attention to detail that matters when you use our comprehensive haulage services.

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Why use low-loader transportation services?

Low-loader transportation offers a very practical solution for all those companies who are looking to transport heavy machinery and industrial equipment. A low loader is a convenient and efficient method of transportation that comprises a semi-trailer with two drops in deck height. This allows for the deck to be placed in a much lower position compared to a normal trailer. This lower deck makes it much easier to load taller equipment onto the trailer and also those items that are much heavier that need to remain more stable during the transportation process. Heavier loads are easier to transport at lower levels as this helps to make them much more stable and therefore reduces the risk of an accident occurring.

The type of heavy loads most suited for transportation on a low loader include bulldozers, cranes and excavators for use on building sites. They are also the perfect choice for much taller loads offering just a little more necessary clearance.

A low loader to suit your needs

Our low-loader transportation comes in a range of different formats, and these all have their own unique application. Air suspension is a vital component which means our low loaders are equipped to transport anything. If you are looking to transport a particularly heavy load, or one that it higher than most, then our expert team will be happy to help you in ascertaining which of our low loaders will be most suitable for your requirements.

Need help with Low Loader Transportation?

At DUKE Distribution, we understand the importance of getting things right, which is why we deal with each individual requirement on a case-by-case basis. With many years of industry experience, our team of friendly staff are here to answer any questions that you might have regarding low-loader transportation. Why not give us a call today to get a quote or to see how best we can help you?


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