Trackway Installation & Recovery

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DUKE do not hire or sell trackway, we provide a specialist installation & recovery service to many of the UK and Europes leading trackway providers..

What is Trackway?
The commercial trackway industry started in the 1960’s, when as part of a national consortium working for the CEGB, JL EVE Construction Ltd were involved in the construction the new 400KV national power grid network.
Vehicular access to remote transmission lines was proving to be a challenge and EVE introduced ex-military class 30 roll out trackway to gain access to many remote locations.
As the project was nearing completion, EVE were being approached other companies experiencing site access problems. Equipment was deployed on a hire basis and the commercial trackway industry was born.
Now used extensively throughout the world, trackway systems are manufactured in a variety of materials, including aluminium, timber and engineering grade plastics. These modular systems maximise the efficient use of transport logistics and when laid in multi widths and layers are capable of carrying any road going vehicle over almost any terrain.
Trackway is used extensively on construction sites and infrastructure projects and at all major festivals, concerts and sporting events.

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The Benefits of Trackway

Trackway is highly useful for those situations where access to fields and other grassed areas is needed by vehicles, people and also the type of heavy plant machinery that is usually associated with the construction industry. This type of terrain is often inaccessible in its natural state to heavy traffic of this nature that would at best churn up the grass and mud, and, at worst, sink into the ground, making it difficult to move without doing further damage. Trackway is also used to make the uneven ground a much safer place for heavy equipment, which means it has a great many applications for a lot of different customers and sectors.
Our specialist team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver any Trakway systems that you have hired, from one of the specialist hire companies to your chosen site and then set it up for you so that you can complete the rest of your project with ease. We can also return it after you have finished using the Trackway and remove it for you as well. If you are planning a large event or are about to start a construction project where the access is less than ideal, then Trakway is a very eco-friendly solution that could help you to make sure that your site is safe.

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